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Photograph courtesy of Media 10
Photograph courtesy of Media 10

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The 2011 Yuma “HOOPS” Project 3 on 3 Basketball Festival was a success due to the participants, sponsors, donations and the dedication of the committee.

After weekend of great competition in the round robin and double elimination tournament play the following Championship games were played.
In the 11-13U Division Yuma Air Raid defeated Transformers in a close game to capture the championship.

In the Open Division Assassins defeated 4th Dimension in a hard fought competitive game. The spectators were entertained with a barrage of talent that included high jumping, ankle breaking, precision shooting, tight defense and team work.

We are happy to say that we achieved our goals of having a fun tournament and raising monies for our local basketball programs.

The Yuma “HOOPS” Project will be able to assist young athletes in need with registration fees to play in a city basketball league or assist the local basketball travel teams and their athletes.

Thanks for your continued support!


With nearly 100,000 people living in the city of Yuma, there is a growing need for up-to-date recreation resources. Community members are volunteering their efforts to answer that call.
In 2015, Winsor court was renovated with new surface, backboards, netting and artwork.
This was made possible through the partnership of Yuma Hoops Project nonprofit association, City of Yuma Parks and Recreation, APS and Phoenix Suns Organization. Work was founded by these partners at a cost of approximately $22,000.
Original Court was constructed at cost of $110,000, with contribution from City of Yuma Parks and Recreation, APS and Phoenix Suns Organization and various voluntary works with Marine corp. contributing men and equipment.

The basketball court at Winsor Rotary Park is an outdoor, state of the art, NCAA regulation sized basketball court.
From casual pick-up games and charity events to professional basketball clinics for youth, this court will be a gathering place for basketball enthusiasts of all ages.


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