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Basketball Court Renovation

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Yuma "Hoops" Project basketball court renovation

Vision Statement

    “Yuma HOOPS Project” is a non-profit club that organizes community projects or events to raise money so as to help those, in need, to play the game of basketball. Monies raised will support local basketball programs that develop the skills of young athletes throughout our community.

    A strong, dedicated committee was formed to pursue a dream that was felt throughout the community of Yuma, Arizona. That dream was to build a new outdoor public basketball court through a committed partnership with Alexander Ford, MWS371, Phoenix Suns, APS and other local businesses.

    The success of this project allowed our community to play basketball in a safe and controlled environment. With continued support, by all, other dreams can be answered for those who enjoy playing the game of basketball.

Yuma Hoops Committee
Junior Atherton
Ray Ochoa
Derek Egeberg
Dan Raymond
Patrick Brooks

(928)   275-1649


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